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Business Agility Assessment

We conduct a high-level assessment to understand how Agile your business is at a given point in time. Our goal is to provide the organization the ability to respond rapidly to changes without losing momentum or vision. This is accomplished by first ensuring that your organization understands SAFe terminology. We then conduct the assessment, analyze and review the results. Taking the assessment is just a first part of the learning experience, but the value comes from developing the appropriate actions to infuse agility within your business.

Delivery Model Assessment

Our goal is to establish and define a delivery model that can be leveraged across your enterprise. We do this by sharing best practice practices and focus the methodology around value that drive the business outcomes.

Develop Critical Skills

We build institutional knowledge based on your organization needs while leveraging industry best practices. Our goal is to foster the development of critical skills and competencies of key roles such as scrum masters, product owners, product managers, architects, release train engineers and agile team members. This will include coaching for the teams and individuals on an ongoing basis.

Enabling Lean Governance

We work within organizations to establish governance mechanisms for standard practices and supporting tools. As initiatives progress, we ensure best practices are being adhered to and that quality metrics are being produced by the teams. This can be leveraged within the teams, the ARTs, and the portfolios.

Value Stream Mapping
Agile Tooling
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