Project Based

Project Based Contracts

Tech intellectuals offers traditional, project-based delivery for clients that prefer a fixed scope and quote for their development work. In this model, a fixed set of features and schedules are defined at the start of project, so you benefit from a pre-defined timeline that is easy to monitor.

A fixed scope is ideal for projects that are well defined, with clear requirements and very little anticipated changes. It may require more work in the beginning to document all specifications. Small changes can be managed through project change requests, as long as an analysis of their impact on scope and project effort is performed.

A project with a fixed scope and price may increase risk, so a careful evaluation to determine the best approach for your needs must be done up front.

Agile Contracts

If a client is used to working in Agile and has very mature processes, an Agile contract might be suitable. Agile methodologies use an incremental approach to both planning and development. The requirements, called “user stories,” are prioritized at the beginning of each sprint. The full scope and effort estimation does not need to be completely fixed.

Agile software development methods bring great value to projects. It enables quick responses to changing requirements and more frequent software deliveries that can improve the speed to market.

An Agile contract is created per sprint. First, we work with the client to estimate the project goals, epics and high-level efforts to arrive at an indicative price. Epics are then broken into more detailed user stories and the story points are estimated. This will be the basis for each contract. User stories and priorities can be exchanged between sprints using an exchange request.

We usually recommend a measurement period of 2-4 sprints to validate assumptions and velocity before starting Agile contracts.

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